March 13, 2014



The Halftime Radio Show is a staple in the world of underground/indie hip hop. For over a decade and a half they have provided NYC and the rest of the world with the go-to radio show for the hip hop WE love. There is not many shows like this around the world, and certainly not in the home of hip hop, New York City. It is not a paid gig and not easy to maintain. Every week, no matter what, you can count on them bringing you new music. Over the years they have allowed guest Djays, like myself, and have hosted hundreds of guest MCees ranging from Redman to Homeboy Sandman. Every year they celebrate their anniversary in March with a "super-show", usually involving a guest-list most people would love to be part of. This year, they decided to have different djays, who each in their own way have contributed to true skool hip hop. The line-up, as you can see is quite impressive. It was a fun night, lots of laughs, lots of good music, stories, and jokes. Each DJ played a 15 minute set, and there was 8 djays. At the end is also a quick scratch session. Enjoy the music... 

Also... for djays, go check out my SCRATCH ROULETTE 45 record that is out now Some time around late June i will be releasing another album. The album is called
IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T and features over 30 mcees from Erick Sermon, Buckshot, KRS, OC, and Brother J from XClan to Homeboy Sandman, Torae, Soul Khan, Murs and Fashawn. I'd also like to urge those who love all elements of hip hop, like graffiti, to follow my instagram page. @DJJS1

Now make sure you download the Halftime 16th Anniversary Show for free and keep on supporting indie hip hop, not clowns backed by major distributors and publicists who call themselves "indie." We do this for real...  

Thanks to Dj Eclipse, Petey Cologne, Dj Skizz, and Navani. Shout out to Dj Riz!

New "concept" mixes coming soon to this blog. Look out for them!!!


September 29, 2013



I just recently did Premier's radio show on Sept 6th and released that mix on this blog. Since it's only a few weeks later, i played a few of the same songs on this mix. However, there are some great TREATS in this mix that you really want to have. Thanks to Marco Polo and his new upcoming album, we have a new Organized Konfusion song. That song is in this mix. Pharoahe Monch's verse is siiick. (as expected) There's music from DJ Skizz's new album, new R.A. The Rugged Man with Masta Ace, and i leaked a song from my new album, IT IS WHAT IT ISNT, with Spit Gemz, Wes, and Nutso. This week and this mix was also ground-breaking for me. I played Drake. Hahahahaha. Seriously, that was  a tough call for me. Anyways, i like the beat for Pound Cake and i don't mind his verse. The same with Nosetalgia by Pusha T and Kendrick. I'm not really a big fan of any of them, Pusha, Kendrick or Nottz, but i like the beat and their verses so i spun it. See, i don't "hate" everything. If i don't like it, i don't like it. In this case, i happen to like a few things from people i normally dislike. It's very funny to me how many times i've heard the word, written the word, or seen the word "CAKE" recently. hahaha. we live in such a ridiculous society where rappers are out of their freakin' minds. But for real, there's some good music out there, be on the look out. Thanks to Dj Premier for allowing me to do what i do on his show and reach that many people. He was out in Cali and called in. He was with Evidence and Dj Babu of Dilated People. Until the next mix, enjoy some of these new treats... 

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 1-HeadQCourterz intro - Dj Premier
  2-Pound Cake - Drake feat Jay Z
  3-The Cream (Hood Cake) ( pound cake freestyle) - The LOX
  4-Moochie - Boldy James and Alchemist
  5-Nosetalgia - Pusha T feat Kendrick Lamar
  6- Get It - Killer Mike
  7-Late Nite - Daz and WC
  8-Looking For Trouble - Blaq Poet feat Chino XL and Spit Gemz
  9-Double A - Tony Touch feat AG and Masta Ace
10-Kingship - Rapsody and Dj Premier
11-On the Road - Cormega feat Ill Bill, Lil Fame and Dj Skizz
12-Fame - U-God feat Styles P
13-High Price Shots - Almighty feat Vinnie Paz, Bronze Nazareth and DJ JS-1
14-Little Tear Drops - Kap A feat Purpose, Jon Robinson, and Kam Moye
15-Quicksand - Yancey Boys feat Common
16-Green Trees - Barsha 
17-3-O-Clock - Marco Polo feat Organized Konfusion
18-Are You Looking For This - KRS-ONE
19-Bass - Fat Joe
20-Modus Operandi - H.A.P.H.
21-That New York - Fredro Starr and Audible Doctor
22-Kick in the Door (freestyle) - Bumpy Knuckles
23-Dgz x Nygz - Demigodz feat Panchi
24-The Dangerous - R.A. The Rugged Man feat Masta Ace
25-Batman and Robin - True Master feat Raekwon
26-Give Em Hell - Wais P feat Kool G Rap
27-I Got Barz - Bishop Lamont
28-Just Can't Quit - Demigodz
29-Star Are Born - Ag Da Coroner
30-Heads Up - U-God feat Gza
31-That Type - Dj Skizz feat Steele, F.T. and Torae
32-Forgotten - DJ JS-1 feat Spit Gemz, Wes, and Nutso
33-Bite This - Trinity (Dj Jab, Sadat X, AG)


September 9, 2013



This past half year i have been working on new music at home, but focusing a lot of my attention toward my other passion graffiti. It has been a very active summer of painting several pieces from The Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem, to Brooklyn, to the Bronx, to 5Pointz in Queens. The last time i posted a new mix, it was March and DJ Premier had asked me to fill in for him on his Sirius/XM show. 6 months have gone by, a lot of walls have been painted, and now I am also getting back in the groove with my djaying. I needed a "time out" from dealing with lots of clowns. I dont get paid to be in the circus, i get paid to DJ, so i had to walk away for a bit. Anyways... This last week, DJ Premier had to fly out to LA for the BET Cypher and he asked me to come back up on his show again. This is the live mix of all the new raw hip hop songs i played. If you don't have the Demigodz KILLMATIC album, go get that! I love it... 
I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting for a new mix, but better late than never i guess... I promise i have lots of new ones coming, and not typical mixes... really great concept mixes on the way this fall and winter, along with my new album, new Scratch Roulette 45 and more... 
To see all the awesome graffiti pieces i have been doing this summer, you should follow me on INSTAGRAM @DJJS1

 1-HeadQCourterz intro
  2-Control Freestyle - Jugganauts (Breez Brewin')
  3-I'm Soo High - Marco Polo feat Sean Price & Rockness
  4-Get It - Killer Mike & El-P
  5-Looking For Trouble - Blaq Poet feat Chino Xl, Spit Gemz, Vinnie Paz
  6-Double A - Tony Touch feat AG & Masta Ace
  7-Lyrical - Kool Keith
  8-9th Wonder - Fat Joe and 9th Wonder
  9-Little Tear Drops - Kap A feat Purpose, Jon Robinson, Kam Moye
10-Quicksand - Yancey Boys feat Common
11-Green Trees - Barsha feat AG
12-Heavy Metal is Bakk - Dj Skizz feat Jakk Frost and Malik B
13-Can't Fool Me - Demigodz feat Eternia
14-Somn'wrong - Bumpy Knuckles
15-Never Forget - KRS-ONE
16-Keep On Moving - Props Dylan feat Dilated Peoples
17-Modus Operandi - H.A.P.H.
18-DGZ x NYGZ - Demigodz feat Panchi
19-Bang Out - DITC feat Tashane, Axl, Majestic Gage, A Bless)
20-I Excel - AZ
21-Solar Flares - Jeru da Damaja and Large Professor
22-Righteous Kill - Hannibal Stax
23-Wild Style - Skram Jones
24-The Boom Bap - Zilla
25-Just Can't Quit - Demigodz feat Scoop Deville
26-Ain't No Other Kings - Fredro Starr and Audible Doctor feat Dj Nelson
27-Fuck Em If They Listenin - Pyscho Les feat B-Real of Cypress Hill
28-Touch and Destroy - Tony Touch feat D-Stroy and Dj Premier
29-Heads Up - U-God feat GZA
30-Respect and Success - Ice Water (woadah)
31-The Cypher - Fat Joe feat Diamond D and Nick Shades
32-Throat Chop freestyle - Blacastan and Stu Bangas
33-Let Me Explain - Erick Sermon feat Snoop Dogg and Method Man
34-Here We Go Again - Sadat X and DMC


March 3, 2013

DJ JS-1 "LIVE FROM HQ" (3/1/13)

Friday, March 1st, i filled in for DJ Premier on his Sirius/Xm show, "Live From HeadQcourterz." He has allowed me to spin on his show several times and i always look forward to it. It's nice to be able to spread some good new hip hop music out into the world. There is not too many outlets for music with this type of sound like Preem's Live From HQ show, Dj Eclipse's RIOC show and Halftime Radio show as well. I took the live recording of the show, added a few cuts and drops over it, and here it is. Hope you enjoy some of the latest new hip hop. For those of you who follow my mixes and downloaded the last mix, there is some similar songs on this mix. I personally really like The CZARFACE album and many of the new tracks off the ILL BILL GRIMEY AWARDS album. You should go buy those. I included a verse from the track i did with The Artifacts and Reef Da Lost Cauze for my new album IT IS WHAT IT ISNT coming this summer. Now this week we're off to the Netherlands and France for more shows. Two turntables and a microphone... 

DJ JS-1 "Live From HeadQCourterz" March 1st, 2013
(filling in for Dj Premier...)

01 - Live From HeadQCourterz Intro 
02 - Torae feat Pharoahe Monch - What's Love 
03 - Spit Gemz feat Vinnie Paz - Invisible Chess 
04 - Prodigy - Give Em Hell 
05 - Likwuid - Give The Drummer Some 
06 - Jakk Frost feat Malik B, Reef Tha Lost Cauze, Tana D -Psycopath
07 - Freak Da Monsta and Werd Life - Prepare For The Ruckus
08 - Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson - Parkour
09 - Bumpy Knuckles - Ask The Coach
10 - Nutso feat Wais P and Punchline - Sidewalk Talk
11 - Sav Killz - Take A Moment
12 - Big Noyd - Light Up The Night
13 - Trez - Crescent Moon
14 - Sha Stimuli n Dynamite Bruhz feat Reks - Spazztastic
15 - DJ JS-1 feat The Artifacts and Reef Da Lost Cauze - Show Shocker
16 - Ill Bill feat Meyhem Lauren and Q-Unique - L'Amour East
17 - Vstylez feat Ruste Juxx - Don't Cross That Line
18 - Showbiz and AG - Watch What We Do
19 - Rapper Big Pooh - Hgh
20 - Big Noyd, Large Professor and Kool G Rap - Natrually Born
21 - Pknuckle feat Big Twin and Ras Kass - This DJ
22 - Afu-Ra feat Vinnie Paz and Hannibal Stax - Big Boys
23 - Wu-Block feat Ghostface Killah - Different Time Zones
24 - Ill Bill feat Lil Fame - Vio-Lence
25 - Mic Handz - In The Streets Again
26 - Khaleel and Dj Premier - Nobody Tryna Hear Ya
27 - Dynasty - Stay Shinin'
28 - Czarface - Hazmat Rap
29 - Nine, Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq - Burners
30 - Timeless Truth feat Sean Price - Hypnosis
31 - Rahzel feat Sadat X - New York
32 - Czarface - Let It Off
33 - Koncept - 40 oz Spliffs
34 - Ill Bill and Dj Premier - World Premier
35 - Illa Ghee - Black Coffee
36 - Nusto feat Large Professor, El Da Sensei and Tony Touch
37 - Sadat X feat Masta Ace - Plan of Attack
38 - Czarface feat Ghostface Killah - Savagely Attack 
39 - N.O.R.E. feat Large Professor - Build Pyramids
40 - Public Enemy - 31 Flavors
41 - Cy Marshall Law - Just To Get A Rep (freestyle)
42 - AZ - Genesis
43 - Outro - Premier calls in from Belgium

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February 19, 2013

DJ JS-1 "Say What Again Mix"

Here is another mix with several new hip hop tracks. This mix was done live in one shot, and then i added a few drops later. I went through approx 300 hundred songs from the past few months and picked the ones i personally liked. It is sad how many djays call themselves "hip hop" but have not supported or spun ANY new hip hop tracks in years. To simply say there is NO good hip hop coming out, or whatever excuses you may hear, is unacceptable. There is lots of new good music always being made. Yes, i have to search through tons of crap to pick the good stuff, but playing ONLY old records or obscure 45's does not make you a Hip Hop dj. Because of people like Dj Eclipse and Dj Premier who keep up with all the good current Hip Hop and play it for the masses, it is still around and able to be heard by those who appreciate it. Never talk sh*t if you are not supporting and helping. I am honored when they let me fill in on their radio shows. I was supposed to do Dj Premier's show Feb 4th but it was cancelled due to the snow-storm here in NYC. This mix is what i did for Dj Eclipse's show, Rap Is Outta Control. I know i get praise and thanks from many of the artists whose songs i spin, but i would also like to thank them for still making respectable hip hop music with traditional hip hop values. With that in mind, and this being Black History Month, maybe everyone who loves hip hop music, makes a living doing it, has benefited from it in any way, should all take the time to thank the pioneers like Jazzy Jay, GrandMaster Caz, Bambaataa, Kool Herc, T La Rock, Grand Wizard Theodore, Melle Mel, etc... We all know the stories and history of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russel, Arthur Ashe, Hank Aaron, Emmet Till, Marcus Garvey, Maya Angelou, Alex Haley, and Rosa Parks, but often take those around us for granted. These "old skool" pioneers, predominantly black men, set something in motion 40 years ago that has become one of the biggest cultural movements ever. It has done wonders for race relations globally and allowed soo many different doors to be opened for many, many people of all races. Millions of people around the world feel the same and are inspired by what they created from nothing. I always love being around people like Theodore, humble, happy, talented, and knowledgeable, etc... If you step back and look at the impact of scratching, bboying, rapping, graffiti, beatboxing, the clothing, the lingo, and the styles have had on the entire world, it's remarkable especially when you consider the environment most of these people grew up in. Yes, it has been misused and abused like most things that gain popularity and lead to monetary success, but it is undeniable that these people have changed the world. Although, Rap IS Outta Control, Hip Hop is still on point, evolving, kicking down doors and uniting people around the planet. You should definitely take the time to thank these people or tell some youngsters who they should be thanking. I never miss an opportunity to show my grattitude to them. I'm also thrilled to let you know that the ROCK STEADY CREW ANNIVERSARY will be BACK IN NEW YORK CITY, on july 28th, at Central Park's Summer Stage!!! it's working... it's working.... see you there!

Below is the tracklisting of my latest mix, SAY WHAT AGAIN!!! i rarely play full songs, i'm trying to give you a taste of what is out there, so maybe a handful of you might go support and buy some of these artist's music...


Rock Steady Crew

  1 - Dj Tray feat Tragedy, Milkbone, Godilla, Red Eye and Blacastan - The Truth
  2 - Prodigy - Give Em Hell (prod by Alchemist)
  3 - 9th Wonder and Murs - Funeral for a Killer (prod by 9th Wonder)
  4 - Gensu Dean and Planet Asia - Faces on the Dollar (prod by Gensu Dean)
  5 - Vinnie Paz feat Q-Unique - Shadow of the Guilotine (prod by Dj Lethal)
  6 - Jakk Frost feat Malik B, Tana Da Beast, Reef the Lost Cauze & FreeWay - Psycopath (Jak n Malik verses)
  7 - Doujah Raze feat Sean Price - The Way I Look
  8 - The Game feat Kanye and Common - Jesus Piece (Common verse) (prod by Kanye)
  9 - Bumpy Knuckles - Ask the Coach (prod by Freddie Foxxx)
10- Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson feat Torae - Potatoes (prod by Apollo Brown)
11 - Nusto feat Wais P, Punchline) - Sidewalk Talk (Wais P verse)
12 - Big Noyd - Light Up the Night (prod by Havoc)
13 - Apollo Brown and OC - Just Walk (prod by Apollo Brown)
14 - Sha Stimuli and Dynamite Bruhz feat Reks - Spazztastic
15 - Neek the Exotic - Til the Casket Drops (prod by RasBeats)
16 - Freak The Monsta and Werd Life feat DJ JS-1 - Sewer-Side 
17 - Czarface - It's Raw (prod by 7L)
18 - AG - The 21st Day - (prod by Bankrupt Europeans)
19 - Tek Tha Supah Latin - Crack Muzick (prod by Click tha Supah Latin)
20 - Sadat X - Daily 1,2 (prod by Showbiz)
21 - MC Eiht - The Reign (prod by Brenk Sinatra)
22 - Rapper Big Pooh - HGH
23 - Vstylez feat Ruste Juxx - Don't Cross That Line (prod by Moss)
24 - Big Noyd, Large Pro, Kool G Rap - Natrually Born (prod by Ayatollah cuts by Dj DutchMaster)        
25 - PKnuckle feat Big Twin and Ras Kass - This DJ (Ras Kass verse)
26 - Supastition - Yada Yada (prod by Marco Polo)
27 - Wu Block - Different Time Zones (Ghostface verse) (prod by Frank Dukes)
28 - Rise - Call Me Rise (prod by Bankrupt Europeans)
29 - CzarFace feat Oh No - Czar Refaeli (prod and cuts by 7L)
30 - D Strong - Homicide Bump
31 - The Game - Dead People (prod by Dr. Dre)
32 - Khaleel - Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (prod by Dj Premier)
33 - Mic Handz - In The Streets Again (prod by Alterbeats and cuts by Dj Modesty)
34 - Substance Abuse feat KRS - Rear View (KRS verse)
35 - Dynasty feat Talib Kweli - Still Shinin' (Dynasty verse) (prod by Jinx)
36 - Joey Badas$$ - Unorthodox (prod by Dj Premier)
37 - Ras Kass feat Guilty Simpson - Human Dogfight
38 - Truth - Time For Love and Tears (prod by JK one) (PF Cuttin' Mix)
39 - WyldBunch and Dj Qvali - Lost in the Mind (prod by Dj Qvali)
40 - Illa Ghee - Black Coffee
41 - Nusto feat Large Pro, El Da Sensei, Tony Touch - Just Begun (prod by Dj Doom, cuts by Dj Tha Boss)
42 - Nore feat Large Pro - Build Pyramids (prod by Large Pro)
43 - Big Daddy Kane - 28 Bars of Kane (prod by Dj Premier)
44 - Nas - The Black Bond
45 - Big Remo feat Royal Flush, Mr Cheeks, Mic Geronimo - Radio 
46 - Public Enemy - 31 Flavors (prod by Gary G-Wiz n BombSquad)
47 - Cymarshall Law - Just To Get A Rep (freestyle) 

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February 8, 2013

DJ JS-1 "Live From the Home of Hip Hop Mix"

DJ JS-1 "Live From the Home of Hip Hop Mix"
(128 minutes long)

I recently did a set for Eddie B Swift's "Mind Trip" show on B-Real from Cypress Hill's Internet TV Station (Breal.Tv). This is the live recording from that show. It was just me going off on two turntables, with no headphones. This is what i call maniac animal style of djaying... lol. I was just going from song to song, break to break and cutting up everything. I wasn't really attempting to mix songs like a usual mixtape, i was just going bezerk. Some of it may be a lil sloppy and some of the quick mixes are slightly off, but the point was not to be neat like i was mixing r&b in a plush club, it was to cut up everything and just have fun doing what i love most... If you do not like tons of scratching and cutting up records, you probably don't want to hear this. Because we were live in the Bronx i felt i should do a set that fit the mood. I played lots of old skool tracks from DST, Mantronix, Jazzy Jay, Crash Crew, Fantasy Three, etc... I mixed in some breaks, some 90's and some special acapella blends. This is what i love to do, and how we represent hip hop culture. I can't thank Eddie B Swift enough for having me come through, and also B-Real for allowing this to happen. You need to check out The EBS show which starts everyday at noon (est) and 9am (pst). He has incredible djays coming through like the legendary inventor of the scratch Grand Wizard Theodore, Mell Starr, to old school Bronx veterans like DJ Chubby Chubb, along with himself tearing it up every show. I was surprised at how many people were viewing when i was on, and how many people were live in the chat room. Good to see people out there who appreciate this style of djaying... I grew up loving this and will never waiver, sell out or lose my integrity. Soo many djays have jumped ship, abandoned hip hop and now play edits of pop-techno-r&b garbage only. It's sad. We try to maintain the culture and never make a mockery of what we love. Shout out to Crazy Legs and the whole Rock Steady Crew, this year the anniversary will be at Central Park, NYC on July 28th, 2013. YES!!! Shout out to DJ Premier and Dj Eclipse who recently did old school sets on their radio shows that got me amped and inspired. They never compromise with their music. Shout out to MixMaster Mike, Dj Muggs, Dj Shortkut, Dj Rhettmatic, AC the Program Director, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Dj Skizz, Tony Touch, Evil D and Mr. Walt, Dj Numark, Cut Chemist, Mark Luv, Jazzy Jay, Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambaataa, Skeme Richards and all the other djays who never fake the funk. I hope you enjoy this maniac mix, lol, Live From the Home of Hip Hop... 

November 22, 2012

DJ JS-1 "Rap is Outta Control" (nov 2012)


Here is a new mix i did. It was mixed live and then i added a few cuts here and there. It's 90 minutes long and has over 35 songs. Every once in a while, DJ Eclipse has me fill in for his radio show. We only rock the newest and best underground hip hop. These are the current tracks i was diggin' this month or so... I hope you enjoy all these free mixes. A few weeks ago, the total downloads for ALL my mixes on my blog, went over a half million downloads! That's awesome. Thank all of you for appreciating what i do. Remember to help me spread the word and post or retweet these mixes. There are hardly any djays left that keep coming with mixes of this quality and playing this type of music. I am also just finishing up my next album, IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T, that i will be dropping late winter, early spring. Off to Australia next week... I thought i told you that we don't stop? Bring long live the Kane back, f*ck cocaine rap...
Remember to slap a hipster... 

04-TRUTH feat O.C - GENUINE ARTICLE (prod by PF Cuttin')
09-CRAIG G - ORIGINALITY - (prod by Lmno)
16-KURIOUS - SNAKE CHARMER (prod by MF Doom)
20-REKS feat J NICE - BANG BANG (Audible Doctor Remix)
23-THEO3 - TRUST (prod by Tone Mason / cuts by Dj Eclipse)
      (prod by DJ Premier)
27-CHINO XL - 90 BARS OF INTERVENTION (prod by Focus)
30-WES STUDII - RIGHT HERE (prod by Don Producci / cuts by JS-1)
33-ONYX - BELLY OF THE BEAST (prod by Audible Doctor)

July 23, 2012

DJ JS-1 "Demolition Mix"

It's finally here... The 3 hour long "DEMOlition Mix" is complete. For the past year or two i collected a bunch of demos from many of our favorite hip hop artists. I have a collection of approximately 350 to 400 demos and rare tracks. I narrowed that down to my favorite 100 and made this mix. There is a few things to keep in mind about this new mix. First, these are all demos, many of them from cassette tapes, poorly recorded, duplicated n copied over the years, played on radio shows, etc, so the sound quality is not top notch. The sound is the best it could be considering what this is. i had to leave out several of the famous Wu Tang demos and some Mobb Deep demos because of the extremely poor quality. Second, when i say demo, i mean that lightly. Many of these are actual "demos" in the traditional sense of the first recordings they made to shop for record deals. Others are unreleased songs, some that are not completed, some are songs that have been released but this is the original version or unreleased remix. Some are just very rare unreleased songs that i wouldn't necessarily classify as a "demo". And finally, these are my favorites. Like i said, i have 400, so i picked the ones i personally like to listen to the most. Please do not contact me to tell me which rare demo you know of that i missed or didn't play unless you are emailing me the file and thanking me for making such an unmatched plethra of mixtapes. Also,  I'm sure there is demos and freestyles from wocka flocka, drake's uni-brow, mac miller's cousin and asap rocky's partner asap bullwinkle, but i used songs from only the greatest like krs-one, biggie, rakim, kool g rap, big daddy kane, nas, run dmc, tribe, del, organized konfusion, lord finesse, etc...  For most people this is getting 3 hours and almost 100 songs by your favorite classic hip hop groups that are brand new, but made in the golden era years. It's really a nice treat and it will take you a while to listen all the way through. 
I doubt there is anyone who heard EVERY single track in this mix. Even the biggest hip hop fiend and collector is sure to find something on here to make them look twice. This whole mix is worth it just for the unreleased KRS-ONE and DJ PREMIER track that didn't make the Return of the Boom Bap album
Thank You Dj Premier for letting me have that. I promise we won't sell a few thousand white label 12"'s to japan. hahaha. The 3rd Bass and Brand New Heavies track is also a really good one to check out. Of course all the Rakim songs on here are sure to make you press rewind once or twice. I think the DMX track like Unstoppable Force will surprise people. I love the Biggie reference track for Lil Kim. That's been around for the longest, but it's classic and i die laughing everytime he says stuff like "i suck dick better than you." lmao. man, mr. cee must have been loving this track. I wish i had the reference tracks Treach did for Queen Latifah or all the ones everyone did for Dr. Dre. anyways... The first song, with RUN DMC doing the original to the Beastie Boys Slow N Low is really bugged out too. I'd like to know the story behind how soo many different songs were made. For those who never heard the Scenario Freestyle version or the Rampage freestyle with LL Cool J's second verse, then you are in for a big treat! There is also no other mix available that is 3 hours long, with this amount of rare material, and cut up and blended the way i do it. The track-listing should speak for itself. This is certainly a mix for your all-time collection. It is long (3 hours), so the file size is fairly large (270mb), but well worth the download. 
Obviously you can see the amount of time and energy i put into making these special mixes for everyone. I do ask in return that you really help me get these mixes out there on the internet for people to hear. please tell your friends on facebook and twitter. let them know! retweet and post, please. If you work on any official hiphop site, this mix should be posted there. Soo many people have no clue there is still a few djays like myself left that is posting mixes like this. Let's be serious, most mixtpe djays nowadays are charging up-n-coming kids to put their demo on some bullshit mixtape. That's as corny as rappers who think they made mixtapes... But not as bad as rappers n singers who think they dj.
Pull out ya money, pull out ya cut, pull up a chair... 
I hope you enjoy this and appreciate the history and super-special rare treats hidden in this mix. Since i have soo many left, this will probably be a volume 1, with volume 2 coming next year. For now, I'd like to thank a bunch of my fellow dj friends, collectors, others who inspire me to do mixes likes this, and those who help me find some of these treats. Thank You....  i don't forget any of you and remember all you do for me. Just you remember that every time you see a fake dj, someone posing as a dj, disrespecting djaying, pleeeease, slap the shit out them. No matter how "hip hop" you think you are and how cool and knowledgeable you perceive yourself to be, there is ALWAYS more to learn and more treats to find. The 80's and 90's for hip hop were not just the same 100 songs every idiot dj has in their serato. There is thousands of songs, so dig, dig, dig, and dig some more...

 1-demolition intro
 2-slow n low (unreleased demo) - run dmc
 3-touchdown (demo) - snoop dogg 
 4-slaves - cenubites
 5-untitled (unreleased demo 1996) - t la rock n react
 6-queen bitch (reference trk original) - biggie
 7-capital r.a.s. - ras kass
 8-i wanna be president - channel live
 9-untitled - grand puba
10-raise it up - large pro (main source)
11-chillin' w marley marl promo - mc lyte
12-1 flip styles - sadat x, grand puba, diamond d
13-open mic - eminem
14-remain anonymous - ras kass
15-untitled - grand puba
16-get live (unreleased demo) - rahzel n organized konfusion
17-props over here (original demo) - the beatnuts
18-give up the goods (original demo) - mobb deep
19-come on - sadat x n biggie
20-untitled (go queensbridge) - tragedy
21-check a bitch - kool g rap
22-unofficial mahogany 2? (unreleased demo) - rakim
23-getz funky - ESP (tha alkaholiks)
24-you got dat - edo g
25-time - large pro (main source)
26-don't ask for money - grand daddy iu
27-peace prosperity n paper - a tribe called quest
28-poor young dave - snoop doog
29-backstabber - eminem
30-how ya livin' - brand nubians
31-like this - freddie foxxx (bumpy knuckles)
32-keep ya mouth shut - lord finesse
33-cool n calm - pete rock n cl smooth
34-step into the ozone (demo) - oc
35-to each his own - showbiz n ag
36-enter the dragon - kool g rap
37-midnight wrecka - pete rock n cl smooth
38-survival of the fittest  - mobb deep
39-nas will prevail - nas
40-international arrival - organized konfusion
41-it's gettin' hectic (unreleased from return of the boom bap lp) 
     - krs-one n dj premier
42-represent (original demo) - nas n dj premier
43-machine gun funk (premier remix) - biggie n dj premier
44-i'm not superman - gangstarr
45-hard to kill (original demo) - showbiz n ag
46-it gets no better - casual n pep luv
47-welcome to the grooveyard (demo) - ESP (tha alkaholiks)
48-scenario (unreleased demo) - the beastie boys
49-three little pigs - dmx
50-everythings cool (demo) - rakim
51-coyote - jungle brothers
52-flip dat shit - naughty by nature n onyx n biggie
53-georgie porgie - a tribe called quest n brand nubians
54-bootleggin' - large pro (main source)
55-word to the wise - del
56-fat for the 90's (demo) - lord finesse n ag
57-props (unreleased) - 3rd bass n brand new heavies
58-untitled (freestyle demo) - special ed
59-i'm convinced - showbiz n ag
60-biggie got the hype shit (demo) - biggie
61-take it back to brooklyn (demo) - ole dirty bastard 
62-untitled - nas
63-principal of the new school - big l
64-can you feel it - casual
65-bust a lil somethin' - lord finesse
66-i declare war - kool g rap
67-stunt of the block - super kids (tragedy)
68-county blues (freestyle demo) - snoop dogg
69-call me conceited - edo g
70-who stole the clipprs (1991) - common sense
71-scenario (cypher demo) - atcq, lons, de la soul, blacksheep
72-the mighty one - do it all (lords of the undergound)
73-it ain't where ya from - king sun
74-9mm rhymes - kurious
75-rasta imposter (freestyle) - ll cool j
76-"a" for effort - common sense
77-bring the rock - new style (naughty by nature)
78-it's my thing - grand puba
79-just another day in the projects - nas
80-rampage (unreleased freestyle demo) - ll cool j n epmd
81-d nice rocks (call me d nice demo) - d nice
82-cooling one day - organized konfusion
83-check the fine print - the artifacts
84-ice cream man - method man
85-unstoppable force - dmx
86-scuffin' those knees - the new style (naughty by nature)
87-mind ova matter - organized konfusion
88-caliente (demo version) - cypress hill
89-hypnotic (unreleased demo) - rakim
90-biterphobia - eminem
91-raw (remix demo) - big daddy kane n kool g rap
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July 4, 2012

"Live From HeadQCourterz 6/29/12"


As many of you already know, sometimes i fill in for Dj Eclipse and Dj Premier on their Sirius/XM satellite shows. This past week, Dj Premier was in Canada with Bumpy Knuckles and asked me to man the turntables while he was gone. I just recently did Eclipse's show, so this mix might have some of the same songs from my last two previous mixes, but there is also some new tracks as well. There is my 3 favorite new songs off the Masta Ace and MF Doom new project, two new tracks off Large Professor's new album, an exclusive Public Enemy and Bumpy Knuckles song and a few other treats... I edited out all the talking parts from the radio show, so it is just the music for 90 minutes! 
For those of you who have asked me when i am doing a new mix, or frequently check for my mixes, i am happy to tell you that i am currently working on a few different concept mixes that will not disappoint. If you appreciate what i do, help me spread the word by retweeting and reposting these links. Also make sure you subscribe to this blog so you get all the new mixes emailed directly to you. By the way, Kanye wears women's clothing, in case you didn't already know that....

 1- intro
 2- Public Enemy & Bumpy Knuckles - Get It In
 3-Occupy All Streets - Sean Price
 4-Shrooms - Sheek Louch n Ghostface
 5-Fuck Rappers - Planet Asia n Fashwan
 6-Just Rhymin' w Skizz - Problemz n Dj Skizz
 7-I Cant Wait - Brother Ali n Jake One
 8-Accident Murderers - Nas
 9-Transmitting Live - Dj Doom n Blacastan
10-People's Champ - OC n Apollo Brown
11-Joy & Pain - Wordsworth
12-Grumpy Crocodile - Liknuts
13- Power of Rhyme - Craig G n Marco Polo
14-Rap Wizardy - Illa Ghee
15-UnDaGrouNdGoOn - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles
16-Rooftops & Rain - Pep Love
17-Drawn & Quartered - Red Eye n Cella Dwellas
18-I Did It - Masta Ace n MF Doom
19-Easter - Artifacts 
20-Get The City Warm - Neek the Exotic n Bumpy Knuckles
21-Wolves - ShowBiz n AG w OC
22-Da'Pro - Masta Ace n MF Doom
23-Watered Down - Ice Water
24-LP Surprise - Large Professor
25-Ninteen Seventy Something - Masta Ace n MF Doom
26-Retrospect - Sav Killz
27-Ride With It - J Dilla n The Almighty Dreadnaughtz
28-Do it 4 - Showbiz n AG
29-Out To Tax - D Strong n Orign
30-The 3 Kings - Evitan (Dres n Jarobi) n Sadat X
31-City of God - Dj Doom n Reks
32-Professor @ Large - Large Professor
33-We Up In Here - Dj Brans n Nutso
34-Microphone - GeeDubs n Jak D n Blacastan 
35-Mass Appeal 2.0 - Tito Lopez
36-When You Sleep - Dj Numark n Large Professor


May 23, 2012

DJ JS-1 "Rap is Out of Control" (Mix 2)

Another live mix by DJ JS-1 cutting up and blending the newest underground hip hop songs. This was recorded live on May 20th, 2012... Shout out to Dj Eclipse, Torae, J57, and Dj Premier... There is tons of new tracks constantly coming out, being uploaded to youtube, different blogs, and my email inbox. There is soo many it is difficult to choose which will get spun and which will not, so i just spin the ones i personally like. I never play anything i don't like and listen to myself. There is an abundance of kids claiming they make "underground" hiphop, when in reality they are making fake Kanye beats, or they are fake thugs who are not getting recognition in the commercial world because that is all pop-dance music now, or they are just clones of some other artist, etc... I don't support that nonsense. Spinning throughout the 90's and being someone who was part of the "underground" scene and a supporter, i know the difference and i cannot be fooled. Underground is a style, a style many of you have not figured out. So when you listen to a mix like this, you know what to expect... I sifted through numerous songs to pick these out, which i think represent good independent hiphop. I try to NOT play the full songs in my mixes, and give you a taste of several artists. If you like them, you can go buy the full songs or full albums and support the movement properly. This is all new music so these artists need your support, look out for their new albums. I myself am just finishing up my new album which will drop late summer/ early fall... the new album is titled "IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T" and features over 35 MCees, both legends and new artists... I chose to use this picture as the artwork for this mix, because rap truly is out of control... When people believe and support an idiot like Rick Ross it goes to show you how ignorant the world is. His own name is a lie. Anyways, back to reality....

1-Eclipse Rap is Outta Control Intro - Kool G Rap n AG
2-Comin' 4 U (solar diss) - Big Shug
3-Occupy All Streets - Sean Price
4-4 Finger Ring - Trez
5-Golden State (of mind) - Copywrite feat Casual, Evidence n Roc Marciano
6-Walk Hard - Gangrene
7-I do Whatever I want - Homeboy Sandman
8-Fuck Rappers - Planet Asia feat Fashawn
9-Early 90's - Double AB, Karniege, Torae
10-Just Rhymin' w Skizz - Dj Skillz n Problems
11-Rise n Shoot - D Strong feat Prince Po
12-New York City - Punchline n SoulClap  feat Torae, Ruste Juxx
13-All or Nothing - Asylum Lifetime
14-Times Up - Mike Flo
15-People's Champ - OC n Apollo Brown
16-That Nigga Crazy - Show n AG
17-Power of Rhyme - Craig G n Marco Polo
18-Nautica - OC n Apollo Brown
19-Berri Love - Show n AG
20-Takin' Over - Illa Ghee
21-UndagroundGoOn - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles
22-No Apologies - Planet Asia n Raekwon
23-Hardest from the Underground - Ruste Juxx
24-All Day - KRS-One
25-Knock on my Door - Wordsworth
26-Dead Pool - Rah BoomBap
27-Easter - Artifacts & Dj Dutchmaster
28-Biters - Dj Soko feat Guilty Simpson
29-Get the City - Neek the Exotic n Bumpy Knuckles
30-Wolves - Show n AG feat OC
31-Gregory Heinz - Soul Khan n J57
32-Effortless - Craig G feat Chaundon n Big Pooh
33-Pushin' Aside Pushin' Along - De La's Plug 1 n 2
34-I'm good - Erick Sermon
35-Today - Jay Love
36-Kaboom - Punchline n SoulClap feat Stricklin, Masta Ace & Wordsworth
37-Takeit2theTop - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles
38-Thug Poets - 1982 feat Roc Marciano n Havoc
39-Miles White - Gee Dubs
40-Greatest Force - Truth
41-When You Sleep - Dj Numark feat Large Pro
42-Elite Status - J57 feat Rasheed Chappell
43-Holy Smokes - Mr. Complex
44-Freak Rock - Pep Love
45-Wily Coyote - Phesto Dee
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